Adult Bible Classes

Life Conversations


We all want to see our friends and relatives come to know, love and accept Jesus, but we often struggle with how to get that conversation started or with knowing what to say or do. This class will focus on ways we can love our neighbors and have life conversations with them. Everyday events can have eternal effects. Life is full of ordinary moments that can be turned into extraordinary opportunities to show the love of Jesus. 

Sept 10 – Nov 26
Location: Fellowship Hall
Teachers:  Steve Curtis


Awesome Relationships


One of the great tasks of life is building awesome relationships. God wants us to learn how to love, and the only way we can do that is when we’re sharing life with other people. Everyone craves the safety of relationships where they are fully known. They long for genuine connection with others, and with God. But it takes time and intention to create awesome relationships like that. It takes learning to be unselfish – and learning to love. This 5-week series will consist of a 25 minute video message by Rick Warren, followed by some discussion around each topic. Among other things, we’ll learn:

  • Why marriage matters and how God designed it to make you holy
  • The 4 traits of awesome families
  • The 6 golden rules of awesome friendships
  • How to build a friendship with God and make him your priority

Sept 10th – Oct 8th

Location: Chapel (southwest corner of the church)

Facilitators:  Jason and Stacy Cole