Summer Adult Classes

Sunday classes start at 9 am. Nursery is available during this time.

Navigating Personal Transitions: Not all who wander are lost

How is having a child similar to moving to another state? Both are transitions, and as such they require many of the same skills.

Without transition skills, even a positive transition could lead to feelings of frustration. But with transition skills, even a negative transition could bring us closer to God and make us more effective in serving others.

The principles will apply to various types of transitions, including getting a job, losing a job, dating, getting married, becoming single, death, birth, changing schools, moving, retiring, puberty, tragedy, disability, going to college, leaving school, aging, success, failure, and transitions where you’re not really sure what’s happening.

June 4 – Aug 27 Location: Chapel (Room13) Teachers: Marcus and Diane Reese, with occasional quest speakers

Mark: A Deeper Understanding of Jesus’ Calling

Bring a friend and join us in a journey through the Gospel of Mark. It’s been considered the most straight-forward and easy to understand of all the gospels, yet the revelations and challenges unveiled by Jesus himself continue to confront us today.

You will be challenged at the same time you fall deeper in love with Jesus. There will be some take home assignments to help you personally internalize the messages and apply them in a practical way. The class will be loosely following Timothy Keller’s Jesus the King study guide on Mark, so if you’d like to follow along, feel free to get that study guide ahead of time.

Date: June 4 – Aug 27 Location: Fellowship Hall (Room 12) Teachers: Various Teachers week to week