Children’s Minister Selection Announcement

Children’s Minister Selection Announcement

June 4, 2017

Our children are a precious gift from God.  At LCC children are critical to who we are as a church – our mission, and our vision.  We know the difficulties parents face raising Godly children in today’s culture.  We are committed to helping families provide their children with a solid, Christ-centered, Biblical foundation, giving them every chance to live abundant lives. 

Your elders are excited to announce that we have hired a new Children’s Minister. Corie Fox, along with her husband Kevin and five-year-old daughter Collier will join us on August 1st.  The Fox family is moving here from Richland Hills, TX.   Corie currently ministers as a reading interventionist in the Texas public school system. She also serves as the Coordinator for a large MOPS group and is the Pre-school program children’s leader for BSF.  Corie possesses a strong skill set working with children, as well as a passion & dependence on God in everything she does.  We are confident that Corie is the right choice for our church family and are excited about the future for our Children’s Ministry.

This is an important step as we move forward with our vision of HOPE. The “P” in HOPE stands for Parenting challenges.  For many years, the Children’s Minister position has been a part-time role, and part of our excitement comes from the fact that this is going to be a full-time position.  We are convinced that God has been laying the groundwork for blessing the lives of children and their families through the Lakewood church.

Hiring Corie as our Children’s Minister is the culmination of a process that began last November.  Earlier this year a search team was formed consisting of parents, educators, & ministers (say names / have stand).  This group spent countless hours vetting a number of candidates with phone calls, video conferences, in-person interviews, examining résumés, and producing reports.  Ultimately the team provided their recommended finalists to the elders.  The search team contribution has been of great value and we thank them for their effort.  

Upon receiving the search team recommendation your Elders began a concentrated season of prayer, fasting, and discussion.  We personally interviewed each of the search team finalists.   Ultimately God led us to a consensus decision to choose Corie.  We thank God for guiding this process.

Corie starts August 1st.  In the meantime, Kathy Jones has agreed to continue leading Children’s Ministry up through our VBS in July.  Kathy has done a very good job of moving things along since November last year. She and others who stepped up to shoulder an extra measure of this responsibility have not only kept things running, but have set the stage for where God will lead us next. Thank you, Kathy, for the critical role you’ve filled over the past 6 months!

We ask now that you continue in prayer for the Children’s Ministry here at LCC.  Please pray for Corie and her family as they work to sell their home in Texas, say goodbye to their friends and family there, and move here to Lakewood. But for today, let’s offer up a prayer of Thanksgiving to God for His guidance and for the things He has planned for the Lakewood Church.