Marriage Builders

marriagebuildersMarriage Builders is a proactive ministry uplifting marriages through coaching and cultivation.  

Our goal is to prepare couples in all seasons of marriage to realize the blessings God intended for them. This will look different from marriage to marriage, as each couple and marriage season has its own unique benefits and challenges.

Marriage Builders focuses on…

Coaching: trained coach couples coming alongside couples in all phases of relationship

Cultivating: providing information to increase relationship skills in a group setting

Marriage Builders offers…

  • Assessments, from facilitated pre-marital to self-administered, self-assessments
  • Classes designed to uncover your unique marriage, learn new skills and outlooks
  • Coaching for couples, with a special focus on the nearly-wed and newly-wed
  • Events designed to bless your marriage, from leading marriage ministries

Marriage Builders key contact information…

For information requests or to talk to a marriage coach couple, the best way to connect to us is at If it’s an time-sensitive request, you can contact the church directly at 303-988-1024.

Marriage strengthening information…

While these links can be incredibly helpful, nothing replaces a discussion with another married couple willing to listen. We hope that you would consider taking advantage of some of our marriage coach couples for a season. The investment can reap long term benefits for both couples.

A happy marriage is a long conversation which always seems too short.
-Andre Maurois