Kay Noble


It’s a privilege and honor to work and serve at ICC. It’s definitely my second home! I enjoy creating with all the office toys around me. I have had a really good day when I was able to help our wonderful staff or members with a task, get information they need, or help facilitate whatever comes up. Mostly I keep up with information and get it back out there by way of the Sunday bulletin, mid-week newsletter, directories, flyers, posters, etc.

I grew up in southeast Texas, the middle of five children my mom raised on her own. As hard as it was she was a rock of faith and stability and modeled many great qualities we siblings needed to be self-sufficient adults. When she moved up to Denver from Texas I was blessed to be able to serve her when she needed me the most.

I have been married to singer/songwriter, Ken, for 45 years. Our lives together have given us four children who have grown into adults we are proud of, many re-locations in Ken’s radio career, and tons of shared experience. Often one word will remind one or the other of a special memory. It’s been worth everything. We’re amazed at what God has done in our marriage. We are very thankful this road has brought us here to LCC — a game changer in our lives and personal growth.

In my leisure time I enjoy browsing for bargains and home decor inspiration. Trash to treasure, junking, roadside retail — I’m all about it, although space and time have placed a limit on my indulgences. I also love digging in the soil in my attempts to transform our backyard from a wasteland into a suburban oasis. I’ve had 12 years so some progress has been made. The Spinecracker’s book club here at LCC gets me into books, contemporary and classic and meeting and enjoying the company of the club members.