Mark & Alice Clark

I was baptized in the So. Platte River on November 30th, 1986 in a snowstorm and I thank God for the elder that was willing to wade into the water with me; I want to be like that elder. He has been made perfect in the Lord and is with Him now. I believe that the Holy Spirit is alive and active today and has helped me and others along life’s’ path. The journey is and has been incredible and abundant, and at times, full of adversity, ensuring our growth in Him.

It is a blessing for me to be an elder at this church, although I prefer the term shepherd. My only claim to the “blameless” criteria for being a shepherd is because of His grace; and we are all blameless when we are in Him. I share this blessing with my wife Alice Jane (being from Texas two names are required). We share five children and ten grandchildren and a whole lotta love.

I am a native of Colorado and currently work for an engineering firm in Lakewood as an Electrical Contract Administrator.  I enjoy hunting, fishing, and the thing our family loves doing most together is water skiing.  Or maybe, it’s making hand cranked, home-made ice cream!

One of our favorite things about our years at Lakewood is the opportunity to study God’s Word in depth and to learn more about grace and the Holy Spirit and other studies.  For years, we were willing to make the 25 minute drive (if traffic was good) because we loved the leadership at Lakewood and their love and their willingness to be led by the Holy Spirit.  We have been mentored by incredibly faithful men and women of God at LCC and our hearts are full of gratitude for their time shared with us.