Life Groups

What are they?

Life Groups are smaller communities of LCC that meet throughout the week in various locations to further build relationships, growing closer to God and one another.

Why do we have them?

Let’s face it, life is challenging. Our American “do-it-yourself” culture ends up isolating us from each other — the very people we need to help us along the path. Whether you’re on a spiritual exploration trying to understand Christ and his purpose for your life, or if you are a seasoned Christian of many years, a small community of believers is where you grow the most. We’re not meant for isolation.

The small group leader par excellence in the history of the Christian community was Jesus Christ. His small group was made up of 12 men with whom he worked continually throughout his ministry. Though crowds of hundreds might flock to him for attention, teaching and healing; Jesus did not stay for long with the crowds. His primary intention was to nurture the apostles into a group of men who were stable, well-grounded, level-headed, knowledgeable, and spiritually dependent on no one except the Father.

Life Group meetings provide the locale in which people can discover many of the gifts and talents God has given each one. As they stretch to fill needs in the Life Group setting (doing things “somebody else” would do in the large group setting), they often find they are developing capabilities, spiritual gifts, leadership talents, and other abilities which they might never have surfaced without the small group experience. They are then encouraged to use these new-found gifts for the common good (Hebrews 10:24; 1 Corinthians 12:14).

Whether you’ve grown up in churches all your life or you’re new to this “church thing,” you will have the most success getting connected with other people in a Life Group. Period. This is where people can share their real feelings, let down their facades, and provide encouragement and grace for one another.