Breaking Relationship Barriers Workshop

Breaking Relationship Barriers Workshop:  A Relationship Building Opportunity


We all want the same thing: stronger and healthier relationships. Whether this is with your child, parents, spouse, friends or your co-workers, we all desire more tools to strengthen and grow the relationships we have. That is what this workshop is all about. Through engaging and experiential small groups led by highly qualified counselors, you will be given the opportunity to acquire tools that have the potential to restore and transform your relationships.

Small group topics include Parenting Teens led by Shari Johansson and Angie Dancer, The Art of Listening led by Chuck Fallon and Angie Johnston, and Boundaries and Stress led by Eric Epstein and Briana Patterson. 




Dinner will be provided and begins at 5:30 PM. The workshop will be from 6-8 PM. Childcare included with cost. The cost is free for individuals 18 and under, and $5 for anyone 19 and older. 


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