Adult Bible Classes Sundays 9 am - December 4—February, 2017

Spring Classes Have Begun – Starting @ 9am every Sunday

At Lakewood Church of Christ, our mission is to introduce people to Christ and equip them for a life of service. Part of that “equipping” is our commitment to improve everyone’s Biblical knowledge.  A recent study found that:

  • More than 60 percent of Americans can’t name either half of the Ten Commandments or the four Gospels of the New Testament.
  • Some 80 percent (including “born again” Christians) believe that “God helps those who help themselves” is a direct quote from the Bible.
  • And 31 percent believe a good person can earn his/her way into heaven.

Our classes are listed below. We hope you can check one of them out.  More of them are being recorded and placed online here.  See you there.

Deep Love – 6-week class seriesmeme-8

Facilitators: Chris and Lisa Welsh
Location: Chapel

Everyone wants more satisfying relationships, right?

And that’s the goal of the Deep Love class – to help couples enjoy deeper connection and understanding, and to experience a deeper intimacy and passion. Participants will need to take the DeepLove assessment ($35) by the 2nd week. Scholarships are available. Email for more information. More

The Book of Romansromans

Teachers: Bryan Head and Kim Natale
Location: Fellowship Hall (12-week class)

Romans is often viewed as Paul’s masterpiece. He explains that we are saved by faith through the good news of Jesus.  The message is simple but the logic presented is a great challenge. We invite you to embark on this challenge with us and  catch a glimpse of a breathtaking spiritual vision that we pray will result from a greater understanding of this incredible book.

Messy Grace – Starting April 23rdmg_squareweb

Facilitators: Steve Curtis and Rob Pipkin
Location: Chapel (Starting April 16th)

The issue of sexual identity and Christianity is one of the biggest hot buttons for today’s culture. Questions surface such as “what does the Bible have to say about same-sex issues” and “how can we balance grace and truth.” When we wrestle with the tension of grace and truth, we typically either go all the way to the grace side, where everything is deemed acceptable, or we go all the way to the truth side, where we speak truth and have no love. The challenge is living in the tension that exists in the middle of both grace and truth. Yet that is exactly where we are called to live as Christians. Jesus was able to love all people and yet still hold on to his beliefs. So can you. Even when it’s messy. In this 6-week class we will hear testimonies of God’s love, Grace and Truth from Christians affected by LGBT identity and issues.  

WEDNESDAY CLASS: 10am, Fellowship Hall. Teacher: Kathy Jones. When reading the Psalms, Christians can gain new perspectives about how wonderful God is. Many Psalms praise His name in songs of thanksgiving. Others are intense petitions prayed in times of difficulty and suffering. In this study, we strive to worship God and strengthen our relationship with Him.
Financial Peace University – Room 2 Facilitators: Gary & Kristin Tucker Registration is underway for Financial Peace University which starts at Lakewood Church of Christ Wednesday, March 22nd. Go to where you can register, or contact Gary (303-907-6794) and Kristin (303-907-8736) Tucker at